Moxee Annual Community Yardsale Event

Falls on the 1st Saturday after Memorial day.  This year it will fall on Saturday June 5, 2021.


To register your house use the form below:

The registration is now closed, we are finalizing the map for publication.

Important Logistics:

Note:  House registrations will close on Saturday May 29th in order to allow for a final online map publication.

  • The online URL for the map will be http://bit.ly/2021MoxeeMapIt will not be made public until early morning on Saturday June 5th.  We do this to prevent early bird visits.
  • A hard copy will be made available for sellers to pickup at our local Mugshotz on June 3rd .  Be sure to pick up copies to share with your buyers, so they can see all the other houses in the Community participating.

Marketing for the event:

  1. Facebook post on Crossroads Facebook page will be created for Community sharing on May 29th
  2. Map hardcopies will be available at Mugshotz, Thursday June 3rd.
  3. Yakima Herald publication will run Friday June 4 and Saturday June 5
  4. Craigslist publication will be placed on Friday June 4

Thank you for participating in this years event…

Crossroads Moxee